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Business Procurement Specialists (BPS) is focused on securing the best possible success and profits for small to large businesses. We want organizations to embrace knowledge based thinking and supply chain strategizing, so that their business can achieve a highly competitive level. BPS is happy to offer free templates and tools that can assist an organization to streamline and implement efficient procurement planning and processes. These tools and templates can assist with outlining the basics of supplier or service provider selections, management and audits. Please take the time to utilize these free tools and templates that outline the simple structure required to effectively manage suppliers and service providers. For more complex processes why not engage Business Procurement Specialists to assess your organization’s procedures with a holistic approach and clear defined areas for improvement.

Sample Procurement Plan
Once products or services have been identified, one of the strategic areas where projects miss out on considerable profits is at the planning stage. When there is little or no time to effectively investigate the best product from the right supplier, profits can be lost and projects delayed. Reactive procurement is a common non-strategic area of regular profit loss. Use our free sample plan, to assist your organization in the thorough preparation for upcoming projects for procurement of products and services.

50 Point EOI/RFP/RFT Checklists
Checklists are invaluable for ensuring that nothing has been missed in the supplier or service provider selection and qualification process. An overlooked or missed process could lead to a project delay or a poor selection of a supplier or service provider being made. Download our free checklist to ensure the EOI/RFP/RFT processes are followed in detail so as to remove any non-conformance issues.

Supplier/Service Provider Audit
An often ethically challenging part of the supplier or service provider audit process, is to allow the raw data to identify the recommended organization. Human emotion, perceived loyalty, diverse personalities and clever sales tactics can cloud good sound business judgement when it comes to supplier or service providers, audits and reviews. Our Excel matrix tool allows your organization to input the statistics and weigh the true value of the proposal on multiple levels against competing suppliers or service providers. Please download our Excel matrix tool to identify the best supplier or service provider compared to their competitors and receive an unbiased and statistical assessment.

Supplier/Service Provider Recommendation
Recommending a suitable supplier or service provider needs to be a collaborated decision by top management. A united decision ensures the integrity of the recommendation between all interested parties and that all have a vested interest in the integrity of the agreement. Our free sample shows how a simple template reinforces the preferred supplier recommendation processes.

Supply/Service Agreement
Once a supplier or service provider has been identified the next stage is to formalize the organization’s requirements with the supplier or service provider’s proposal. Supply and Service Agreements when not controlled effectively lead to project issues which not only cost profits but just as importantly they can cost time. Use this free template as a sample to effectively establish the fundamentals of an effective Supply and Service Agreement.

Approved Supplier List
An approved supplier list outlining the details of a supplier or service provider ensures a healthy supplier management process. Supplier lists also ensure that they are reassessed regularly as outlined in the template. Not managing suppliers effectively compromises the integrity of the entire procurement process. Download our free template to see how simple it can be to work with an Approved Supplier List and manage your suppliers or service providers effectively.

Consultation Services

If your procurement procedures are complex and you are unsure of the integrity of your processes why not engage Business Procurement Specialists on a consultation basis to review your processes. Our holistic approach to your organization will determine areas for training, restructure or process introduction, ensuring success and increased profitability.

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