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Business Procurement Specialists is a dynamic initiative to secure small to large businesses the best possible success and profit outcomes by either supply chain identification along with negotiation or procurement team value adding.

Company Profile

The principal of Business Procurement Specialists has 25 years’ experience in the procurement and contract sector, including 5 years as head procurement strategist for a multimillion dollar not for profit organization. This level of experience over a large spectrum of procurement has included building, construction, contracts, energy, services, media, telecommunication, capital equipment, fleet vehicle, medical, catering and hospitality to name just a few. Business Procurement Specialists also have high level experience in initiating and executing national supplier and service arrangements in Australia and New Zealand, with both national and multinational companies.

With a detailed understanding of the broad product market and service industries we are able to offer strategic direction ensuring a businesses success and profitability. This knowledge has come from both networking and working directly with recognized supply chains throughout Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

Supply Chain Identification and Negotiation

Business Procurement Specialists ability to identify supply chain management along with our understanding of business and profit models ensures negotiations are executed with the best results for our clients. We will analyze your current procurement stream and negotiate a successful outcome on your behalf. Our fee of 25% is incorporated in the achieved savings for your company and is a performance incentive which drives our team to success for our clients. It is a simple no discount no pay policy!

Training Seminars

Business Procurement Specialists provide supply chain identification, procurement and negotiation training seminars to assist companies in value adding and upskilling personnel as well as increasing success and profitability. Training personnel for any company or organization needs to be a priority especially when the business’s model is heavily reliant on product and service sourcing requiring supply management.


Companies or organizations that can increase profitability by engaging Business Procurement Specialists are:

  • Franchisee’s
  • Franchise Companies
  • Small to Large Construction Companies
  • Small to Large Contractors
  • Small to Large Businesses
  • Small to Large Organizations
  • National Companies
  • Not for Profit Groups
  • Local and State Government


Business Procurement Specialists provide a simple and holistic approach to procurement for small to large companies. Investing time and money in supply chain strategies with procurement specialists will ensure the overall integrity of a company as well as its success and profitability.

Success comes from taking the initiative from those who know their profession the best!

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Success comes from taking the initiative from those who know their profession the best!

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