Want to manufacture your product out of Asia?

Want to source products from Asia?

Don’t know where to begin?

Here is a couple of simple pointers!

First, the reassurance! Asia is an excellent source of good quality products… however they need to be sourced correctly. So how do you minimize risk?

1. Specialists: Don’t go it alone. Align yourself with Business Procurement Specialists who have experience, knowledge and a proven track record. Business Procurement Specialist have the experience, can identify the risks, speed up the process and ensure your supply chain has integrity and ultimately increases your profit.

2. Country: There are always several factors that will determine which product is best from which country. We won’t go into the detail of each country when it comes to natural resources, the availability of the source material, the political environment or the associated social and ethical issues. At Business Procurement Specialists we will know which country to source your product from and also its associated strengths and weaknesses.

3. Identify: We will cast a wide net and be detailed in our selection for the best alignment for your organization. At Business Procurement Specialists we will know where to look and how to network with our contacts to identify serious contenders.

4. Verify: This step is the refining process. We will present your proposal with as much weight (value adding) as possible. A proposal that is presented well with the right detail, catches the attention of serious organizations. Business Procurement Specialists are able to ensure that the identified manufacturer understands your requirements and is best suited for your specifications.

5. Qualify: Business Procurement Specialists will set the standard with who you want to align with by qualifying their business model. There are many methods that could be employed to qualify a business model and no one model fits all. But at Business Procurement Specialists experience will determine the process. Qualifying an organization correctly will save time, energy and valuable resources.

6. Quality: Business Procurement Specialists will ensure your quality system is robust. ISO 9001 is an international standard that many organizations look to as the bench mark. However, there is a chasm between one certified system to the next. We will set the quality system milestones and ensure they meet your quality requirements. At Business Procurement Specialists we will know how to get the quality into your product and ensure it stays there.

7. Inspectors: Business Procurement Specialists are able to offer independent Quality Inspectors. We know that the way to minimize risk is to control as much of the process as possible. Identifying qualified Quality Inspectors for any country in Asia is at the core of what we are able to do at Business Procurement Specialists. The right Quality Inspector will work for you and answer to you based on identified parameters.

8. Realization: This is the part you begin to realize the integrity of your supply chain and enjoy the profits coming your way. With the costs of production increasing, more and more companies are looking to either manufacture or source through Asia and are doing it with a great level of success.

Additional Services

Business Procurement Specialists is able to offer Quality Inspectors and Translators for most countries through out Asia for clients looking to do business with in these regions. Aside from our ability to source quality manufacturers we can also now offer Quality Inspectors and Translators to ensure your products are to specification and also take the communication barrier out of the equation ensuring you are in ultimate control. Feel free to contact us for more details

Business Procurement Specialists provide a simple and holistic approach to procurement for small to large companies. Investing time and money in supply chain strategies with procurement specialists will ensure the overall integrity of a business as well as its success and profitability.

Success comes from taking the initiative from those who know their profession the best!

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