Supply Chain Identification and Negotiation

With the current business climate under taking an evolutionary existence there is a growing need for companies to consider new and unique methods to achieve success and build profitability. It is our knowledge of business models and expertise in negotiations that determines our client’s success and profitability. This knowledge has come from both networking and working directly with recognized supply chains throughout Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

Acceptance Criteria

Any small to large companies with a product base or service contract exceeding $250,000 should engage Business Procurement Specialist to analyse the integrity of their procurement process. A simple analysis conducted for a small fee will quickly and effectively determine if your company can improve on its process and profitability.

Initiating the Process

Please populate the Contact BPS section on this webpage with the requested information and one of our Procurement Specialists will contact you within one business day. After consulting with you and understanding your processes we will be able to offer a recommendation. If you would like Business Procurement Specialist to investigate further a short survey will be sent for you to populate with the necessary information. Please note that an administration fee of $75 applies to this stage of the process and is fully refunded if Business Procurement Specialists are able to execute a Supply Agreement on your behalf.


Once the Product/Service Identification form is returned, our team will begin the analysis to determine the possibility for increased profitability. Please allow 1-2 weeks for this process to be completed. If Business Procurement Specialists are unable to identify a successful or profitable outcome our findings will be returned in a tabled report at no additional charge.


If our analysis determines that Business Procurement Specialist can improve your current level of profit by supply chain identification and negotiation we will initiate the next level of process so as to work towards executing a Supply Agreement on your behalf. Please allow 3-4 weeks for this process to be completed from inception to execution.


Once Business Procurement Specialists have mediated a successful outcome and the client is in agreement with the terms and conditions, the Supply Agreement will be executed ensuring supply chain management integrity.

Process Cost

Our fee of 25% is simply deducted from the profit margin achieved by the executed Supply Agreement and is a performance incentive which drives our team to success for our clients. It is a simple no discount no pay policy.

Success comes from taking the initiative from those who know their profession the best!

Supply Chain Negotiation

Supply Chain Negotiation

Success comes from taking the initiative from those who know their profession the best!

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