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If your company has personnel dedicated to identifying suitable supply chains on small to larger procurement across a spectrum of commodities and services, then a Business Procurement Specialist training seminar will enhance your business’s success and profitability.

Training personnel for any company needs to be a priority especially when the business model is heavily reliant on supply chain management. Analyzing your company’s procurement methodology and then tailoring a training session to best suit your business model, will ensure that procurement is at the highest level possible ensuring your company’s success and profitability.

Course Units

A Business Procurement Specialists training session will focus on the basics but also the fundamentals of the procurement process. The training units that will be detailed are:

  • Procurement Personnel Skill Set
  • Know the Product/Service
  • Supplier Identification
  • Understanding Business Modelling
  • Understanding Profit Modelling
  • Proposal Value Adding
  • Negotiating Skills
  • Supplier Review and Auditing
  • Supplier Agreements
  • Personnel Review (if requested)

The seminar duration will be approximately 6 hours, at your place of business or your venue of choice.

Personnel and Procurement Report

If a personnel review is requested, the seminar duration time will be longer according to the number of personnel who will then be accessed on a one to one basis. This training seminar will also include a report on your company’s procurement methodology, as well as observations and recommendations based on a 8 hour model analysis and the 6 hour training seminar. This report will identify key areas where profits could be increased by reducing procurement costs, as well as evaluating process efficiency in procurement.

Seminar Costs

A small investment of funds will ensure that as a company or organization you will value add and up skill employees increasing productivity and profitability.

Location Course Cost (AUD) Personnel Reviews
Brisbane AUD$5500 + GST AUD$175 + GST / Employee
Sydney AUD$4900 + GST AUD$175 + GST / Employee
Melbourne AUD$5500 + GST AUD$175 + GST / Employee
Adelaide AUD$5500 + GST AUD$175 + GST / Employee
Hobart AUD$5500 + GST AUD$175 + GST / Employee
Perth AUD$5800 + GST AUD$175 + GST / Employee
Auckland AUD$6500 + GST AUD$175 + GST / Employee
Wellington AUD$6500 + GST AUD$175 + GST / Employee
Christchurch AUD$6500 + GST AUD$175 + GST / Employee

Areas outside of these locations can be requested. A maximum class size of 15 applies but additional attendees can be requested and discussed.

To initiate a procurement training seminar please populate the Contact BPS section on this webpage and a client representative will respond within 1-2 business days to discuss your requirements further.

If a 4-8% profitability is achieved on procurement training, what value would that add to your business?

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Seminar Registration

If a 4-12% profitability is achieved on procurement training what value would that add to your business?

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