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Business Procurement Specialists is a dynamic initiative to secure small to large companies the best possible success and profit outcomes by either supply chain identification along with negotiation or procurement team value adding.

With the current business climate under taking an evolutionary existence there is a growing need for companies to consider new and unique methods to achieve success and build profitability. Business Procurement Specialists is driven to success, based on proven results across multiple supply chain streams. It is our knowledge of business and profit models along with expertise in simple to complex negotiations that determines our client’s success and profitability. This knowledge has come from both networking and working directly with recognized supply chains throughout Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Both success and profitability can be achieved by employing two methodologies.

Supply Chain

Supply Chain

If a 5-15% profitability can be achieved on supply chain identification and negotiation what value would that add to your business?

Initiating the Process

Training Seminars

Training Seminars

If a 4-12% profitability is achieved on procurement training what value would that add to your business?

Tailored Training Sessions

1. Supply Chain Identification and Negotiation

If your company’s product base or service contracts exceed $250,000 then why not engage Business Procurement Specialist to analysis the integrity of your procurement. A simple analysis will quickly and effectively determine if your company can improve on its process and profitability. If our analysis determines that Business Procurement Specialist can improve your current level of profit by supply chain identification and negotiation we will then execute a “Supply Agreement” on your behalf.

Our fee of 25% is simply deducted from the profit margin achieved by the executed “Supply Agreement” and is a performance incentive which drives our team to success for our clients. It is a simple no discount no pay policy.

2. Training Seminars

If your company has personnel dedicated to identifying suitable supply chains on small to larger procurement across a spectrum of products and services, then a Business Procurement Specialist training seminar will enhance your company’s success and profitability.

A tailored training session will ensure a simple and effective opportunity to value add as well as upskill personnel involved in procurement. Analyzing your company’s procurement methodology and then tailoring a training session to suit your business model will ensure that supply chain identification and negotiation is at the very best standard available.


Companies or organizations that can increase profitability and achieve success by engaging Business Procurement Specialists are:

  • Franchisee’s
  • Franchise Companies
  • Small to Large Construction Companies
  • Small to Large Contractors
  • Small to Large Businesses
  • Small to Large Organizations
  • National Companies
  • Not for Profit Groups
  • Local and State Government

Business Procurement Specialists provide a simple and holistic approach to procurement for small to large companies. Investing time and money in supply chain strategies with procurement specialists will ensure the overall integrity of a business as well as its success and profitability.

Success comes from taking the initiative from those who know their profession the best!

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